No Broken Hearts Here

“Youth comes but once in a lifetime”– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

SiennaIt’s refreshing to our youth achieving dreams, taking advantage of the fearlessness we lose with age. It’s easy to get caught up in daily routines, forgetting what it feels like to pursue dreams. Many find themselves living to work, while tossing our ambitions to the waist side. Aspiring artist, Sienna is only nineteen years old, and a breath of fresh air. She encompasses youth and passion.

Sienna started vocal lessons at age nine, performing in multiple school productions until early years of high school. From childhood, musicals inspired her to experiment with singing and dancing. The fourth-grade production of Polar Express was the beginning of Sienna’s aspiration of the spotlight. The feeling captivated her, she was addicted. As well as singing, Sienna also plays ukulele and guitar, while learning multiple other instruments. Being a teenager is challenging enough for most. Thoroughly embracing her teen years, Sienna formed a band and performed her first gig on her sixteenth birthday. Fast-forward three years, she’s just released her debut single No Broken Hearts.

“Versatile, relatable, and contagious” is how she described her music. The accomplishment didn’t come easy. Being a young artist, and female, she admits it’s been a struggle. Sienna continues to gain persistence through continuous, unexpected blessings and support from her family, friends, and fans. Her inspiration during the process comes from a multitude of successful musicians, such as Anuhea, Amy Winehouse and Bruno Mars, to mention only a few. These days, on Sienna’s playlist you’d find many Hawaii artists. The light-hearted melodies paired with smooth slack-key guitar riffs makes for a delightful combo. Local Hawaiian artists like Maoli, The Steppas and The Vitals encompass this enticing combination. The 80’s and 90’s funky, smooth style of music will always have a place in Sienna’s heart. Michael Jackson remains the one musician Sienna wished she could see perform. Music can unite people of any color, religion, and race. Sienna knows that and strives to be an example for people to put negativity aside, and just enjoy each other’s company.

Many times, females are overlooked, she wants to set an example of persistence. While staying humble, and connected with the people she encounters. The aspiring artist has multiple new tracks in studio, set to release by the end of 2017. Her goal to travel, and spread her music continues. Sienna’s debut single is available on Itunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

Facebook: Sienna Style Music
Instagram: Aloha_its_Sienna