Cruising with Kaya: Portugal & France

Kaya and I met at Cali Roots this past year because I stopped her to tell her how much I liked her skirt (how I meet a lot of girls tbh). She was a twirling swirl of color and so ~vibey~ … We ran into each other all weekend and when Sunday rolled around we said our goodbyes, squeezed hands and followed each other on the ‘gram.

When I found out she was backpacking around Portugal I knew I wanted to find out more because, like, what if I found myself in Portugal one day and I wanted to do awesome stuff? Kaya would know what to recommend. Below, we talk about exotic beaches, sangria and shitty wifi.

AA: How are you?

KPS: I’m good, man. I’m pooped. I’m exhausted.

AA: Traveling really takes a lot out of you. So, where have you been so far?

KPS: I started in London , it was the cheapest place for me to fly into from New York. From there I went to Portugal and did a ten day road trip. After that I went to Bordeaux, France for a few days to recharge. A friend and I rented a car and slept in it for a few nights to save money and it was exciting, but exhausting. After that I went to Cap Ferret to visit the French family I used to nanny for and then I went to Paris. Since then I’ve gone to Prague and now I’m in Budapest.

AA: So did you have a plan or are you winging it?

KPS: Yeah, I bought a one-way ticket and the only solid plan I had was to meet my friend from high school at the beginning of the month. She has never been out of the country so I planned a three week trip for us that ends in Greece.

AA: Since you spent the most time in Portugal, do you have any good recommendations on amazing, must-do or see things?

KPS: It’s so beautiful. In the south there are cool beaches and cliffs and rock formations and caves. I would definitely recommend spending some time there …

[voice breaks up, we have to take a fifteen minute break so she can go from the hostel to a café with better wifi]

KPS: Okay, so!

AA: Technical difficulties, but we’re all good. We left off on the south of Portugal.

KPS: Lagos. L-A-G-O-S. It’s amazing. I’m a huge beach brat, I think Hawaii did that to me, so for me to be amazed by a beach … It’s kind of a big deal. As far as the city goes, Lisbon is the capital and it’s really cool. There’s a neighborhood called Bairro Alto and it is like the San Francisco of Europe. Lots of art, lots of color.

AA: What was your favorite thing to eat in Lisbon?

KPS: You know, it’s funny because I thought I’d like the food there a lot more that I actually did, so honestly I didn’t really have a favorite. Although, the sangria was really good.

AA: Literally my next question was about alcohol.

KPS: And the beer is super cheap. I’m not the biggest beer drinker, but when it’s fifty cents, why not?

AA: So then, where was your favorite city to eat?

KPS: Definitely Bordeaux. Both times I’ve been there I have been blown away by everything I’ve eaten. I’m a pescatarian and sometimes it’s hard to find good options when your diet is limited, but in Bordeaux I feel like I can pretty much walk into any restaurant and find something amazing within my dietary restrictions. Especially if it involves cheese!

AA: Why is cheese so addicting?!

[cue to us talking about all the hormones in American dairy for seven minutes]

AA: So, what are you going to in Budapest?

KPS: I actually got all my recommendations from Berty in SOJA. We were talking and I’m like ‘I’m going to your motherland!’ … He gave me a bunch of fun stuff to do so that’s been a fun list to check off.

AA: That should be our next feature on you! Thank you so much for talking with me love.

KPS: Anytime!

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