The Keeney’s | #JnKweddingday

You know those serendipitous moments in time where everything goes as it should, there are no major setbacks and a whole lot of love and friendship is happening all around you? That was last weekend in Nevada City for Kyser and Jennifer’s wedding. Joe called me last minute to cover with him for Bulldog Media and I’m so glad I did, it truly was one of the most beautiful displays of love I have ever witnessed.

The day started off with Joe and I filming the entire wedding party, plus the bride and groom’s family, as they got the reception venue ready. It was so sweet seeing everyone hanging out and arranging centerpieces, setting up the bar and laughing at how crazy it was that “the day” was finally here. The building itself is called the Miner’s Foundry, and it’s a historical cultural landmark and quite honestly looks like a scene from Game of Thrones. The thing I noticed most during this time of setup was how calm and relaxed Jennifer was. There was no stress, no worry, just a bride happy to be celebrating her special day with her loved ones.

DSC01676Noon rolled around and the bridesmaids and I walked the few short steps up the block to the EPIC wood-and-stained-glass-pretty-sure-it-used-to-be-a-church appropriately dubbed the “Two Room Inn” where they all stayed. The bride and her bridesmaids were like models getting ready for the catwalk in their matching robes and I could NOT stop taking pictures of Jenn in the picturesque chaise upstairs. After her bridesmaids helped her into her dress, the father of the bride got the first glimpse of his daughter. “Beautiful”, he says admiringly. You can feel the pride in his gaze as the afternoon sun sequined her with light.

We realize the ceremony is supposed to start in fifteen minutes and hurry down the stairs to the car where a frantic last-minute decision is made.
“Who can drive a stick?”, Jenn asks (because she’s not driving to the ceremony herself!)
“I can, but it won’t be pretty”, one of her bridesmaids says.
Even though it’s been years since I drove manual, I volunteer. A
fter a curvy and, let’s be honest, sketchy ride I get us to the Old Highway 49 Bridge, where Kyser is waiting beneath the flower-adorned archway for his bride. They are married by his friend Rich, as the bright sun shone and the soft breeze danced around them (just like their adorable pup did). 

After pictures (Kyser wouldn’t jump into the river for a photo opp per Jenn’s request–lame) we all drove back to the Miner’s Foundry for cocktails. I mean Jameson. Following that merriment was barbeque and the most heart-felt, HILARIOUS back-to-back speech train I’ve ever seen. There was so much great music and dancing (thanks DJ!) it was hard to pull people away to watch the cake be cut and witness some mild cake-smashing to the face. Everyone was having the best time; taking silly pictures in the photo booth, vibing, laughing, taking shots … it was like a lil mini festival. The pinnacle of the night was when we all headed outside and the sparklers were lit. That’s when the magic happened and the celebration morphed back to ceremony. I will never forget the image of Kyser and Jenn, hand in hand, her beautiful face adorned with that gorgeous flower crown, walking through the crowd of their family and friends, surrounded by glowing light and abundant love.

After the twinkly send-off, the reception party at the Miner’s Foundry ended. The after party started and big group of us, including most of the wedding party, headed to Cooper’s and shut down the bar in the grandest of fashions. I feel like Jennifer and Kyser’s wedding day was metaphorically very much like them as a couple: chill, tons of fun and full of love.