Eli-Mac Releases EP “Tricky One” … YASS!

Byline: Lo Hatmaker

After 3 long years, the wait is finally over! Fresh new music from Eli-Mac has arrived and it is better than I could have ever imagined. It combines the same sultry, soulful feel that Eli-Mac is known for, with the mix of infectious bass drops and upbeat danceworthy tunes.  Tricky One showcases her unique sound and edginess and further expands upon it with a bit of roots. The roots reggae influence is apparent in this EP, especially with her cover of “Young Girl” by Don Carlos. The dub-heavy “Poor Lover” is one of my favorites on this EP, with its’ dreamy, melodic vibe. This is definitely the type of record for cruising with all the windows down and the volume ALLLL the way up.


Tricky One EP
Released: 9/29/17

  1. Mr. Sensi
  2. Poor Lover
  3. Young Girl
  4. Tricky One
  5. Nighttime Session

LH: Thank you for sitting down with me! I just wanted to talk to you about your new EP, Tricky One, coming out this Friday, Sept. 29th.

EM: Yeah! Absolutely!

LH: What was the most exciting thing for you recording this?

EM: That’s a really good question. You know, it’s been 3 years since the Dub Stop EP and we were just going back and forth with direction and we didn’t know what we were going to do.  You know, it’s the same guys I work with; JP from The Green and  Leslie from the Hot Rain Band.  We just made these sounds. I don’t know if there was a big highlighting moment, I’m just excited to put it out after 3 years.  It was a long 3 years but it was worth it.

LH: It was definitely long-awaited and we are all so excited to have this new music from you!  Do you think your sound is any different than your past music and the Dub Stop EP?

EM: I feel like maybe it’s a lot similar to the Dub Stop EP. It’s kind of in that same area but I think we pushed the sound. Went a little more rootsy with it and we had Gumby from Ooklah mix the record and so he put his thing on there. We did a Don Carlos cover, “Young Girl” which is one of my favorite songs of all time. So yeah, it’s a fun EP.

LH: Speaking of Don Carlos, were there any particular artists that influenced this record?

EM: You know what? I was listening to a lot of Eek A Mouse and you know that song… *sings*

“…every night and every day it’s a wonderful world that we live in today”?  

That was kind of the inspiration for Mr. Sensi. I was listening to the record and so that song, just the way the bass dropped, I was listening to it and I was like, “Dang, I wanna make a song kind of like that”. So, I got the idea for the bass drop *sings*

“Mr. Sensi, give me your love…”.

We kind of just flipped it and then we had it. I would say Eek A Mouse is into a lot more roots. We wanted to go towards a more rootsier sound and it progressed into that.

LH: I definitely got the more rootsy vibe off this EP. So, before I started recording, you mentioned you had some interesting projects coming up, including collabing with your boo. Can you elaborate on that and any other things you have planned for the future?

EM: Haha, yeah.  So, me and my better half, Louie Castle [he’s in Tribal Seeds]. He’s an amazing singer, songwriter, wicked producer and we are actually working on a duo right now. We’re not too sure of the name but right now it’s looking like Eli Castle. We’ve got some wicked tunes coming up and we are really pushing the sound even further, further than Eli Mac and further than Louie Castle. So, we are looking to release something the end of 2018. Be on the lookout for that Eli Castle!

LH: I can’t wait to hear! Are you planning on doing any shows or tours in the near future?

EM: I do have a show 12/2 at HOB Anaheim and then as of right now, I don’t have any tours scheduled. I’m just waiting for Friday, Sept. 29th for the Tricky One EP. Cop that! Hopefully, some people will pick me up to go on tour for the summer after this is released. That would be awesome.

LH:  Yass! We need an Eli Mac tour for sure. Well, again, thanks so much for sitting down with me and congrats on your new release!


*Listen to the “Tricky One” HERE and follow Eli-Mac on Instagram and YouTube.