Not Your Average Cup of Joe

coffee2I closed out 2017 in California. The weather was crisp and cool, perfect for hot lattes and winter coats. Early mornings I wandered the streets of San Diego’s gaslamp district in search of new places to satisfy my endless love for coffee. When I walked into the trendy, rustic, open layout of Coffee & Tea Collective, Don’t Pass Me By from The Beatles cued simultaneously as the bright, cheery smile from the barista caught my eye. She had gorgeous green eyes hiding behind her oversized glasses, with giant hoops to match. Appeared to have just stepped out of the eighties, her tiny bangs and poofy hair framed her adorable face.


She whipped up a one-of-a-kind frothy Raleigh
latte seasoned with house made cinnamon, and garnished with love. Staff members shared smiles and friendly nods to the early risers as they waited patiently to catch their morning buzz. The deliciousness didn’t stop there, the latte even complimented me as I took my last sip, “well done” it read at the bottom of my cup. I mean seriously, what else can you ask for in a your coffee experience?

Now, a month later, I’ve been to countless other coffee shops, but I still salivate reminiscing on that Raleigh latte. In my years of bartending and event planning, I’ve become quite the experience maker. I can say without a doubt, there are countless factors that made this experience so memberable. The establishment’s uniqueness started with employees’ personalities flaunted through their fashion, the choice of tunes that resounded an era of simpler times, and ended with the subtle compliment at the bottom of my glass. If I would have purchased this same latte from a cookie-cutter Starbucks, with employees in green aprons, and presented in a paper cup, I probably wouldn’t salivate thinking about it today.

So often, people, and establishments, lose their contrast with the world around them. Companies blend in with their competition, and people get lost in the crowd. Whether you’re a start-up company, an established business, industry professional, housewife, musician, or entrepreneur, you owe it to the world, but mostly to yourself, to find the freedom of authenticity. Everyday we are given another opportunity to reinvent ourselves. Find, and flaunt your uniqueness! That’s what this world needs. As we wrap up the first month of 2018, embellish this “You are a once in a universe expression”.