In Paradise Productions is a team of passionate and creative individuals based in Hawai’i and California. What started as a one-time project has evolved to a much larger concept, and continues to evolve.  The team proudly provides you with unique and inspiring perspectives in a variety of mediums. Weekly articles feature people, lifestyles, and trends from the travel and entertainment industries.

Founders, Steffanie Sanchez and Allie Adams, have been been collaborating for almost a decade. This project originated in San Diego’s eclectic town of Ocean Beach during the summer of 2013. Known for its environmentally conscious attitude, OB is home to a several artistic entrepreneurs and performing artists. The duo built a team and produced a documentary in 2015, highlighting the environmental disaster taking place in East San Diego’s Salton Sea. Since then, the business has developed into many forms, from film production, community workshops, to live music events. The one resonating theme is completing projects for a greater good.

In Paradise Productions continues to provide you with the stories behind the positive people, inspiring lifestyles, and current innovative trends of today.