SteffanieSanchezSoulShine Steph

Tourism. Travel. Hospitality

The driven, and ever-evolving entrepreneur strives to makes a difference in the world. Her work has been acknowledged for spotlighting cultural and environmental issues. She’s a voice for underprivileged communities, previous projects have included coordination with politics and congressmen. Her quest to aid the community in pursuit of happiness, peace, and fulfilling lives for all continues. Her goal is to create lucrative jobs, while being culturally and environmentally responsible.

“Change your perspective and suddenly there’s a world of opportunity” -SoulShine

These days, Soulshine hosts a weekly show on Honolulu’s KTUH 90.1FM radio, featuring positive perspectives and reggae music. You can tune into every Thursday morning, aired live globally.  READ FULL BIO


AllieAdamsAllie Adams

Alexandra Adams
Model. Trends. Fashion

Once upon a time her creativity was stifled and suppressed, locked in a prison of what she thought it should be. Then one day, Alexandra broke free and nurtured her authentic self. Loved herself. Accepted herself and all her weird, beautiful glory. Alexandra was born and raised in California. She studied fashion, and worked as a model for several year. Now you’ll find her on the opposite side of the lense, shooting as a photographer for Bulldog Media.
Today, she is a successful business owner, and continues exploring other avenues of expressing for creativity. She currently resides on the Pacific coast of Northern California.  READ FULL BIO



Graphic Design. Art. Music

Kevin Bong, better known as his stage name KBong, was born in Seattle, yet raised in the tropics of Oahu. After high school, Kevin moved to California and graduated from San Diego State University. The multi-instrumental musician gained popularity for his ‘key’ role in Stick Figure. His first solo album Hopes and Dreams released 2014, and debuted at #4 on the iTunes Reggae charts. His second full length album is set to release summer of 2017.

Currently, KBong still tours full time as a musician, as well as continuing his career in graphic design.